Saturday, May 1, 2010

[100501/TRANS] Super Junior KRY Concert in Japan - Yesung

Trans: "O-genki desuka?! (How are you?! in Japanese) How has everyone been? Its now May. There's only 3 months left until August, huh? It wont be long before you'll be able to meet Super Junior KRY! Well be working hard and practicing a lot so please look forward to seeing Super Junior KRY! Well be seeing all of you soon, so please wait a just a little bit longer! 42"

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[100501] Family 0uting 2 Preview - Heechul


100428 Sukira Cut Kyuhyun Singing + Talk


Zhoumi Fan Art!

Credit. 风色夏天@百度周觅吧

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100419 Leeteuk Cyworld Update - 3rd Anniversary of the Car Accident

2010.04.19 Monday (2010.04.20 04:55)

..The 3rd anniversary of the car accident…it’s truly the 3rd anniversary..

..The day that can’t ever be forgotten…

…Being alive like this makes me so happy….

..Thank you…

Source: Park Jungsoo’s Cyworld
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100419 SUKIRA Fantaken with EunTeuk

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heechul shows his cat sibling

Kim Heechul, a member of South Korea’s famous idol group Super Junior, recently posted a picture of him with a cat that resembles him on the internet. This attracted the attention of many fans. In the picture, Kim Heechul had his fringe covering his eyes, holding a cat doll with a big eye, posing with a cool style, making people unable to hold their laughter. Fans immediately stated that Heechul and the cat looked like siblings, and both looked very cute. However there were some netizens that blamed him, “How could Heechul hold a cat in the neck with such a force”

Source: Korea Star Daily
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Yesung @ Hong Gildong Backstage

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Tears of Leeteuk~