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100417 Hankyung becomes Guangzhou’s Asian Games volunteer

Hankyung becomes Guangzhou’s Asian Games volunteer, fans give Le Yangyang* at the venue

On the 17th of April, Hankyung, who is embroiled in a contract termination lawsuit as of late, appeared at Guangzhou city’s Children’s Palace**, and was officially appointed as a member of the Asian Games Volunteers’ Hall of Fame, and formally became a volunteer for the (upcoming) Asian Games.

Pic: Hankyung stamped his handprint in the imprinting clay at the Asian Games Volunteers’ (AGV) Hall of Fame, expressing his determination to participate in the Asian Games.

Pic: Hankyung and the representatives from his fanclub shouting the Asian Games volunteer’s slogan together.

Pic: Hankyung presented an autographed photo frame of himself to the Volunteers Department of the Asian Games Organizing Committee
That morning, the event that was originally scheduled to take place at the Guangzhou Children’s Palace at 11 a.m. for Hankyung’s official admittance did not begin on time. The event that everyone was looking forward to finally started at 11.30 a.m. Hankyung was late, but was handsome as usual, and was wearing a stylish gray suit. Due to the confidentiality of the entire event, there weren’t many fans that appeared at the event venue.

During the ceremony, Hankyung received the “2010 Guangzhou AGV Hall of Fame Appointment Letter” and the “2010 Guangzhou AGV Certificate of Registration” from the head of the Volunteer’s Department, Mr. Wang Huan Qing, officially becoming a member of the AGV Hall of Fame. Later on, he wrote his wishes for the Asian Games – “Cheering for the Asian Games Volunteers” on the AGV Celebrity’s Board. He also left his an imprint of his hand on the AGV Hall of Fame’s imprinting clay. In addition, Hankyung also specially presented a handsome autographed photo of himself to the Volunteers Department of the Asian Games Organizing Committee as a souvenir.

For this trip to Guangzhou, besides participating in this activity, Hankyung will also be filming promotional videos and be involved in photoshoots for the posters for the Guangzhou Asian Games, which signifies his first steps in being a volunteer for the Asian Games.

Since the contract termination lawsuit began, Hankyung has lived a reclusive life, and has only appeared in several activities once in a while, and this time he accepted the Guangzhou Asian Games’ Organizing Committee’s invitation to become a volunteer. The organizing unit expressed that due to Hankyung’s immense popularity, and because the number of security personnel is limited, they made today’s event an utmost confidential one, since they did not want to cause a big stir among the fans. However, at the event venue, there were still fans who gave Hankyung cakes, notebooks, the Asian Games mascot Le Yangyang, and other presents. When it came to the requests from reporters to do an interview, Hankyung’s manager rejected all of them. It was no different from the time when he made an appearance at the Music Feng Yun Charts to receive his award, but did not speak to the media. Nonetheless, Hankyung still delivered a short speech during the contract-signing ceremony.

“I hope that with the advantages that I possess, I could ask more friends to be a part of the Asian Games Volunteer Service. We’ll work together to make the Games better and better.” It is understood that since the AGV Hall of Fame was set up, it has already attracted more than 100 celebrities to join in the community, and this includes Zhong Nanshan, Ding Rui, Deng Yaping, Chen Qiuxia, Yi Jianlian, Xie Xingfang, Song Zhuying, Wu Xiaoli, Eric Tsang, Miriam Yeung, and Hins Cheung among others. By borrowing the King of Popularity, Hankyung’s participation and his exemplary examples, it is bound to attract more young fans to be involved in the Asian Games Volunteer Service.

* Le Yangyang is the mascot for the Asian Games. (click here for the photo)
**广 州少年宫 (Children’s Palace Guangzhou) – click here for more information

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