Friday, April 2, 2010

Hankyung Latest Photo Festival

LOS ANGELES April 2 am, Music Billboard in Sina's official micro-Bo successive exposure of two Han Geng 's latest picture, and Han Geng said on April 11 may participate in Shenzhen at the Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Music Billboard Decade Festival. The multi-party verification, two pictures really is fresh baked, Figure G expression Korea sun, the state actively, it does not seem much affected by the contract lawsuit. I also contact the first ten years festival organizing committee, officials said did have close contact with Han Geng, do not rule out the scene will perform.
Exposure to participate in Music Billboard

At 2 o'clock on the April 2 or so, Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Music Billboard Sina in its micro-Bo ( ) issued two consecutive micro-Bo, Zhang Hangeng exposure of the two most recent photo Photos, Music Billboard ID in micro-Bo writes: "Han Geng just got sent the two latest pictures, absolutely exclusive. Continued broke the news, on April 11 will go to Shenzhen for Japan and South Korea Kang Billboard Music Festival ten years, afternoon to hear the leadership of the office door, it is true, I definitely heard wrong. "tone from the remarks of view,
this is the Music Billboard micro Borken be issued by the staff. Colleagues and reporters from media channels such as Han Geng paste it to verify that this is indeed the latest personal photo photo Han Geng.
New Photo warm sunshine state active

According to the first exposure of a photo, the Han Geng wearing a little suit of pure white, small vest is white, his hands in pockets, hair and not much change during SJ, chest of a long shaped pendant into this cover with white dress
in the CBD. And immediately sent Han Geng's second half-length photo photos is obviously a great change in style, black and white striped cardigan look graceful. Just completed a hidden life, Han Geng in good spirits, pictures also convey a feeling of a warm sun. Contract lawsuit with South Korean companies will get to the bottom in April, showed that he has no pressure. Although the picture is in the early morning light, but there are many users at once reproduced in hot start, "handsome", "Meng", "reverse the growth" seems to have become the most important content.
Han Geng years festival or show links

For ten years will be to participate in the Billboard Music Festival, call the organizing committee's also the first head of Miss Yu confirmation, but the phone has remained switched off until April 2 at 8 am, the reporter got through to the other side of the phone only, Miss Yu said by telephone, "Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Music Billboard Decade Festival Organizing Committee and Han Geng had really close contact with Han Geng welcome to participate in this years festival, two images are provided Han Geng reference for the programming. "committee staff will image exposure, Miss Yu said it would actively seized of the matter.

Earlier, Han Geng once blocked all messages until a week ago officially has a new action. By Music Billboard's latest photo, appears to have no intention, I believe is the result of careful consideration. Music Billboard years Festival will be held on April 11, when Han Geng SM's contract with the South Korean case may have been
the result uncertain. Music Billboard as being the industry's highly recognized class festival, will also star together in the focus of attention of the media the most. Han Geng's present enough to prove that he should be free of the body in the Chinese music industry's determination to have a go.

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